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Alchemize your Basement into Some Kind of Wonderland


Your basement is like bliss in disguise that you can unlock by conducting some creative design plans. Just think of an integrated design plan for some kind of entertainment or any possible purpose and go for your wonderful place. Before all, there are some vital points you have to consider to ensure the feasibility of the place: moisture prevention, ventilation, room measurement, and heating. Here, we will present one fantastic entertainment basement renovation plan among many others.

The most precious basement alchemy of all is a home theatre. You can make it in the style of a movie theatre by installing regular dark drywalls which do not reflect sound or light. If you have windows, hang some blinds or drapes so that you can get insulated from external distractions. Cover your floor with a large comfortable carpet with nice pads beneath as it may be a seating. Also, you can get some leather seats, recliners, couches, or a large semi-circle sofa. Then for ideal listening and viewing, get high-quality speakers and a display screen large enough for amusement, but not to the extent of tiring your eyes and neck with recurring movement to cover the whole screen.

Then, you can take the previous design a step further to create a spectacular live home theatre like Broadway. Create an actual stage or, for small spaces, just the illusion of a stage with mural walls. Frame the stage with two fixed velveteen drapery panels and a thematic red shirred Venetian drape, or just the matching colour. Also, cover the windows with full curtains of the same colour as that of the stage curtain. As for the front of the house, dress the walls in a satin paint three to five shades lighter than the curtain colour. Cover your floor with an Oriental rug or a plain carpet that switches for floral and trellis patterns. Then, decorate your ceiling with stylish medallions and highlight them with a crystal chandelier. Finally, make it like a real theatre by creating a box office. Just frame some posters, playbills, and window cards, hanging them in a row on a specific wall. Get such frames in slender wood or metal and spotlight them with plug-in picture lights.

Alchemize your Basement into Some Kind of Wonderland

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